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July 2013  
Energy MLP's.
Pick a subsector, any subsector.
Greater capitalization. More liquidity. The energy MLP market has grown steadily, with good reason: our constant demand for energy. While oil prices go up and down, volume has stayed consistent. Production is increasing. And the infrastructure is needed to support it. Add some risk, and you've got an investment which could fit in a diversified portfolio.

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July 2013  
Turning Prospects into Clients and Clients into Loyal Advocates SEI logo
Sales & Boarding: Your Last Chance to Make a Good First Impression

We all remember those big sales in our career. Weeks, even months of patience, nurturing and hard work finally paid off. And while it was memorable, do you recall what worked or what didn't? Why did that prospect select you over others? What did you do after the sale? What steps did you take to ensure your new client landed safely "onboard"? Did you live up to the expectations set during the sales process? Sales, onboarding and continuous client service are three intricately related stepping stones on a road to building long-term, loyal clients and advocates. In this toolkit, we will share the latest research and our best thinking including: 1) The Sales & Onboarding whitepaper 2) Full length video on how to create loyal advocates and 3) Companion Guide to a successful onboarding experience.

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June 2013  
The End of the Financial Services Industry
(as we know it)?
The End of the Financial Services Industry (as we know it)?
Will this be the end of the financial services industry as we know it?
Will the three storms that are bearing down on our industry cause havoc to your practice?
What companies will be left standing as we head into the next phase of the industry life cycle?
How can savvy advisors position themselves to thrive not just survive the impending "Perfect Storm"?

You won't want to be the last advisor to read this white paper.  It's already creating a lot of buzz with industry insiders.  It's packed full of powerful data, innovative ideas and concepts that will help you take your practice to the next level at a time when many advisors will bury their head in the sand.

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July 2013  
ETF Performance & Perspectives:
Thought Leadership from
S&P Capital IQ
S&P Capital IQ
ETF Performance & Perspectives.  This report contains ETF commentary, S&P Capital IQ model portfolio performance, and Trends & Ideas articles that were originally published on MarketScope Advisor.

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July 2013  
Rising Rates: Challenge and Opportunity Janus

Is the prospect of rising interest rates making your clients nervous about fixed income? Periods of rising rates are normal and can actually create opportunity for fixed income investors. Read Janus' new whitepaper for timely insights and strategies to potentially help your clients benefit from the opportunities created by this type of environment.

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July 2013  
Expanding the Opportunity Set:
Total EM Investing
Dreyfus affiliates Standish and The Boston Company provide their perspectives on why a total emerging markets (EM) strategy which utilizes equity, bond and currency exposures can offer greater investment potential over traditional EM investing.

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July 2013  
Does Economic Value Drive
Higher Returns?
Jacob Funds

In searching for companies with significant franchise value and enduring competitive advantages, Frank Alexander of the Jacob Wisdom Fund has created a potentially innovative economic valuation approach to investing. Designed to uncover hidden gems, this methodology seeks to hone in on companies that have consistently delivered a high return on capital and have the potential to deliver strong investment returns.

Mutual fund investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible.

Jacob Funds are distributed by Quasar Distributors, LLC.

Jacob Fund Prospectus

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