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June 2013  

Creative Strategies to Resolve
Complex Estate Planning Needs


Low interest rates, coupled with an increased gift tax exemption amount, make this a good year to pursue a strategy of establishing charitable and insurance trusts in tandem. Planning for high net worth individuals can occasionally take advisors into unknown waters, but strategies for these clients can also include traditional planning techniques used in an innovative fashion that meets the client’s multiple legacy and philanthropic goals.

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June 2013  
A Cry for Help from Income Investors Legg Mason GI

Confronted with the stark realities of income investing now, affluent investors all over the world are rethinking their approach, notes Legg Mason's just-released Global Income Survey. Yet the Survey also found income investors hungry for more knowledge and ideas -- creating opportunities for savvy financial advisors.

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June 2013  
The ‘Golden Age’ of Dividends ClearBridge
The number and extent of dividend increases that have already occurred this year exceeded even our most optimistic views, reinforcing our long-held belief that owning quality companies with the ability to deliver rising dividends will continue to pay off.

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June 2013  
How to Offer Life Settlements
to Your Clients

Interactive Guide for Financial Advisors, Estate Planners
The LifeLine
The Lifeline Program continues to educate baby boomers, seniors, their families and Financial Advisors on life settlements as a financial option. In A 2012 study performed by ICR, uncovered that 79 percent of the baby boomers and seniors surveyed believe Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents are responsible for discussing life settlements with clients. Learn how life settlements work and why understanding the role they play in estate planning and retirement can increase assets under management for advisors and in turn, increase client retention. This interactive white paper, which includes a step-by-step description of the settlement process, promises to equip financial professionals with tools to successfully identify and introduce this alternative financial option to their eligible clients.

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June 2013  
How Do Elite Teams Generate
2X More AUM?
Is your team operating at elite level?  How do elite teams achieve their success and happiness? More importantly, what can you do to ensure your team will be in the 17 % of teams that can call themselves elite?

In this white paper, created jointly by Cetera Financial Group, Inc. and The Oechsli Institute, you’ll learn:
  • Practice management techniques that impact team productivity.
  • Affluent client acquisition strategies that deliver results.
  • Relationship management skills that increase affluent-client loyalty.

Get your copy of Best Practices of Elite Teams today.

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June 2013  
ETF Performance & Perspectives:
Thought Leadership from S&P Capital IQ
S&P Capital IQ
ETF Performance & Perspectives.  This report contains ETF commentary, S&P Capital IQ model portfolio performance, and Trends & Ideas articles that were originally published on MarketScope Advisor.

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June 2013  
The 5% Problem – Double Jeopardy for Traditional Bond Investors Forward Funds
Investors have been conditioned to believe that traditional bonds are safe and can deliver 5% annualized yields over the long term. In the current climate, neither may be true. In this white paper, Nathan Rowader, Director of Investments at Forward discusses the situation facing bond investors and where opportunities may exist for investors who want to diversify bond portfolios and seek better yields.

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June 2013  
Ten Timely Reasons for
Active Equity Today

The decision to use active or passive management may be one of the most important decisions for your clients' personal portfolios in 2013. While there can be several long-term benefits to active investing, we believe a convergence of factors makes the current market and economic environment a particularly opportune time for active management. Learn ten reasons why now is a particularly important time to consider active management to help your clients meet their investment goals.

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June 2013  
The Case for Tax Exempt Infrastructure Bonds Dreyfus
A discussion of the merits behind tax exempt "infrastructure bonds" (such as roads, utility plants, bridges, hospitals and airport issuers), including high current income potential and investment access to stable revenue streams that support these essential-service project and services.

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June 2013  
Understand the #1 Alternative Asset for Self-Directed Investors – Real Estate Entrust
Investors are seeking alternatives to traditional investments, and they expect their advisors to be in the know.  Are you prepared to offer innovative solutions and explain the options available through a self-directed retirement account?  This white paper will focus on the number one asset for self-directed investors: real estate.  

After reading this white paper, you will:
  • Know which retirement accounts are available to real estate investors.
  • Grasp what real estate IRA investors are looking for and why.
  • Understand the Real Estate IRA transaction process (case study provided).
  • Distinguish opportunities to expand your business and build your client base.

BONUS: We’ve included frequently asked questions from self-directed investors.

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June 2013  
The End of the Financial Services Industry
(as we know it)?
The End of the Financial Services Industry (as we know it)?
Will this be the end of the financial services industry as we know it?
Will the three storms that are bearing down on our industry cause havoc to your practice?
What companies will be left standing as we head into the next phase of the industry life cycle?
How can savvy advisors position themselves to thrive not just survive the impending "Perfect Storm"?

You won't want to be the last advisor to read this white paper.  It's already creating a lot of buzz with industry insiders.  It's packed full of powerful data, innovative ideas and concepts that will help you take your practice to the next level at a time when many advisors will bury their head in the sand.

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