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April 2015  
Time to Invest in Change Janus
After significant multiple expansion over the last two years, some of the best remaining opportunities for equity investors may lie with stocks that are due for a change in market sentiment as the company enacts dramatic changes to its business.

Dan Kozlowski, Portfolio Manager of the Janus Contrarian Fund, explains how a slow-growth economic environment has forced more companies to make the types of changes that can reshape their long-term destinies, and outlines where he is seeing some of the most promising change opportunities emerge.

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April 2015  

The Next Wave of Financial Planning

Eight Actions You Can Take Now to Better Compete in an Endlessly Changing Advice Marketplace.

Investors have high expectations for the value they receive from advisors. Yet technology innovation and new client engagement techniques are outpacing advisor adoption. A recent survey1 shows that:
  • Forty percent (40%) of advisors are still producing paper financial plans.
  • Over 54% of advisors who offer client portals, engage less than 25% of their clients this way
Learn the eight actions you can take now to make innovative financial planning the core of your offering with SEI’s new white paper, The Next Wave of Financial Planning.

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1 SEI Advisor Survey on Financial Planning, August 2014, N=1,019

April 2015  
MassMutual CareChoiceSM One
Prepare for the possibilities

People are living longer than ever. This means more years to enjoy retirement. However, living longer comes with a new set of challenges, including the possible need for long term care. MassMutual CareChoiceSM One is the first single-premium LTC/life combo with the power of dividends.

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April 2015  
A New Approach to Retirement Income:
Next-Gen vs. Traditional VAs
Jefferson National partnered with award-winning Professor Wade Pfau to study the risks, benefits and income potential of low-cost Flat-Fee Investment-Only VAs (IOVAs) and Guaranteed VAs. The conclusion: Flat-Fee IOVAs are more likely to generate income and build wealth—while guaranteed VAs are more likely to deplete wealth.

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April 2015  
The 401(k) Paradigm Shift AXA logo
Sign up now to receive a copy of our exclusive brochure, The 401(k) Paradigm Shift: Why Plan Sponsors are Seeking Guaranteed Income and How Advisors can Help. In this brochure, you’ll learn the reasons behind plan sponsors' growing retirement anxiety and detailed strategies that can help provide them and their employees with guaranteed lifetime income.

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April 2015
The Efficient Frontier of Succession:
Maximizing Practice Value
NFP Advisor Services
Would you like to substantially increase the value of your practice? Download "The Efficient Frontier of Succession: Maximizing Practice Value" white paper now, and learn:
  • What are the current trends in succession planning for financial advisors?
  • When should advisors take key steps in the succession planning process?
  • How do buyers evaluate advisor practices?

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