FA Whitepapers

April 2019    

Mining for Goals: How Behavioral Nudges Can Help Investors Discover More-Meaningful Goals

How can advisors help investors identify financial goals that are relevant not just today, but for the long term? Goals-based financial planning offers an effective and motivating solution. For goals-based financial planning to succeed, advisors need to know what their clients’ goals are. Read Morningstar’s latest research paper, which includes a printable goal-identification worksheet.


Fleeting Alpha: The Challenge of Consistent Outperformance

Given that past performance remains an important factor in manager selection, many investors appear to believe that winners continue to outperform over time. But do they?

The Mindful Financial Advisor:
Discovering a True Return
on Investment with Mindfulness


Mindfulness is drawing a surge of interest. Research continues to enumerate the multiplicity of benefits mindfulness promotes, and mindfulness is being applied in ever-expanding ways including the workplace. Among the growing number of working professionals discovering the value of mindfulness are financial advisors and financial advisory organizations.

Defiance ETFs:
Investment Case for FIVG:
The Defiance Next Gen Connectivity ETF

FIVG offers investors liquid, transparent and low-cost access to companies engaged in the research & development or commercialization of systems and materials used in 5G communications.