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August 2023   


Benefits Of Personalized Indexing: Improve After-tax Investment Outcomes For Your Clients

Personalized indexing with daily scanning for tax-loss harvesting opportunities could boost your clients’ after-tax returns. This white paper explains which of your clients are likely to benefit from personalized indexing and why. You’ll also find a decision tree to help you decide when to use personalized indexing versus ETFs and mutual funds, and how much of a given client’s portfolio to allocate to each strategy.

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Monetize a Career’s Worth of Hard Work: The Financial Advisor’s Succession Plan

If you are an advisor contemplating retirement from helping others, and shifting the focus to helping yourself, let Ameriprise help you do it!  We can assist with the complexities of transitioning and monetizing your practice and settling into a comfortable retirement with the financial resources you deserve.

Q3 2023 Commodities ETP Report

The Q3 2023 Commodities ETP Report is now available. Get a full breakdown of commodities funds tracking important commodities like gold, oil, gas, and lithium. Funds are organized by their commodities sector with AUM and expense ratio data.

Creating A Goals-Based Income Plan For Retirement

A retirement income plan should begin with a discussion of goals: how much do I want to pass on to others and how much savings do I want to spend on my lifestyle in retirement? What lifestyle do I hope to have? How much investment risk am I willing to take and how flexible am I willing to be with my spending once I retire? Retirees today have the freedom to design a plan that fits their unique lifestyle goals. Let's build a plan that makes sure you get the most out of the money you've saved.



Cyber Threats to Client Wealth & Well Being

Cybertheft is a $10.5 billion industry that has grown 600% during the pandemic. The question for advisors and their clients is not if they will be hacked but when. Here is an examination of the problem and what proactive steps you as an advisor can take.



Multifamily & Private Real Estate in Economic Downturns

The pending recession in daily headlines and the correlated performance of the S&P 500 index are leading many investors to look at alternative options for placing their capital. Private equity real estate and the multifamily asset class remain a strong option for investors regardless of market environment. In our nearly 60-year history, Grubb Properties has never had a property-level foreclosure, deed in lieu, or bankruptcy. We attribute this track record to remaining resilient in our investment philosophies, taking a conservative approach towards debt, and delivering a product that is in critical shortage. Download our latest whitepaper to learn more.