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December 2018


Your High-Net-Worth Client Strategy
It's what they want, not what you know

High-net-worth clients expect exceptional service in all facets of their lives. 

Luxury hospitality and retail brands as well as the concierge physician sector, often deliver a superior, personal experience, helping to set the service standard in their respective industries.



Your High-Net-Worth Client Strategy

5 Most Common Mistakes Advisors Make During A Transition

In this report we explore 5 of the most common mistakes advisors make when transitioning to a new broker-dealer. In addition, we provide multiple actionable strategies to ensure success.



Best Practices For Talking To Your Clients About Protected Lifetime Income

Your clients want protected income for life. Lincoln can help make the conversation easy and actionable. A positive and simple conversation with your clients about the benefits of protected income may seem challenging, but the good news is that your clients want to hear about lifetime income and the certainty that comes with it. By creating an emotional connection, focusing on solutions instead of risks and keeping it real, you can take the next step into a proactive conversation about adding certainty to your clients’ retirement income plan.