February 2018


Modernizing Education for the
Future of Wealth Management


A new financial advisor program, WMCP, teaches modern wealth management strategies to optimize individual wealth.



Modernizing Education for the Future of Wealth Management

Strategic planning just got a whole lot easier.

A three step plan with guidelines and worksheets. All designed to help you take the pain out of planning.
Planning used to be simpler, back in the day. But today, there are so many new and constant pressures that the process of strategic planning can set your nerves on edge and put your planning mindset in avoidance mode.
Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.
Download our toolkit to learn how today’s most successful advisors have responded to these strategic pressures and set their firms on a path to not just survive, but thrive.
It includes:
  • Take the Extra Stress Out of Strategic Planning video and article
  • SWOT Analysis worksheet
  • Investor Persona worksheet



Six Ratios For Benchmarking Your Practice


One of the trickiest aspects of being a financial advisor is simultaneously navigating your dual responsibilities as both a financial advisor and business owner. In order to gain a well-rounded perspective of your firm’s performance, there are several key metrics you should use to assess and interpret its financial health. Learn six ratios that will offer deeper and more valuable insights into where you stand and help you maximize your performance.




Five Ways To Grow Your Business Beyond Your Book


Often, in an effort to serve their clients, advisors neglect their own business. However, growth in business is imperative. There’s even a popular saying: “If you aren’t growing, you’re dying.” A good partner should help you maximize the value of your business, working one-on-one and encouraging you to manage your business as a personal asset with the same level of care and diligence as you manage client assets. Find the time and tools to work on your business not just in it. When evaluating the health of your practice, here are five key areas to jump-start your growth plan.