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July 2017


Lifestyle or Enterprise
Which business model is the right business model?

In reality, no single model is better or worse than another. What’s important is that you decide what’s right for you, and then move ahead with purpose, serving your goals and your clients’ needs.
Eventually though, you must decide to either maintain the status quo or lead your business to the next level—a classic dilemma fraught with trade-offs and opportunity costs.





5 Best Practices For Philanthropists

As a trusted advisor, your clients look to you for guidance and advice when crafting long-term financial plans. Understanding your clients’ charitable interests and passions can provide a unique opportunity for you to expand your relationship and help create a long-term strategic plan that also impacts their favorite charitable causes.





What Financial Consultants Want

Why financial consultants are drawn to firms with strong investment platforms, the best technology, a high level of compliance support and effective client prospecting.




AXA: For Today's Multifaceted Challenges

These days, achieving financial security has become a multifaceted challenge.  People are living longer, afraid of outliving their savings, and facing a range of changing requirements and concerns.