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July 2020   


June 2020 Investor Intent and Sentiment published by Magnifi: The World's First Natural Language Investment Discovery Platform.

Looking for leading indicators of investor demand? With data captured from 45k+ users and across 120k+ searches on Magnifi, gain unique insight into what's top of mind for investors. Explore top trending investment themes, the most in-demand funds, a deep dive of investor intent, and more.

Built to help advisors enhance client portfolios and convert prospects disruptively fast, when you download the Magnifi Investor Intent and Sentiment Report, you will receive a one month free trial ($500 value) of Magnifi's premium features.


The COVID-19 Recession: Becoming More Relevant to Customers

Companies double down on inventiveness, adaptability and resilience

How to Select the Right Broker-Dealer Partner

Frustrated with your Broker-Dealer?  Choosing a Broker-Dealer is a big decision and isn’t one you have to make alone!  Download this helpful report and learn:

  • What will you gain by changing your Broker-Dealer
  • How to evaluate a potential Broker-Dealer
  • Learn seven important characteristics to consider when selecting a broker-dealer Partner