FA Whitepapers


June 2018


Alternative Investments:
An Option for Diversification


Financial advisors are always looking for ways to improve their clients' overall portfolio diversification to meet long-term investment goals. For some investors, that calls for assets that can complement traditional equities and fixed income—alternative assets. Alternatives can play a key role in a well-diversified portfolio—especially in tax-advantage vehicles like IRAs.


Alternative Investments An Option for Diversification

Digital Advice and the Client Journey
What do you hope to accomplish with your digital strategy?


First, take a big-picture look at your advisory practice with the 8 critical elements in our newest paper. Using what you learn can help position your firm for a successful digital advice strategy.


Digital Advice and the Client Journey

Investing At The Crossroads Of Innovation

Israel today represents arguably the greatest concentration of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world. For Israeli technology stocks, 2017 and the first half of 2018 has been exciting, and in many ways, pivotal.
The Israeli Technology Imperative

The Nine Elements of Advisor Referability
Become a referral builder, not a referral blocker.


How much do you love asking for referrals?
There are other ways to get referrals—in fact, nine that we’ll share with you. And one important step is to know just how referable you are.
In our video series, we’ll talk about:
  • What makes some advisors more referable than others
  • How to get your clients to be referral-generating advocates
  • What you can start doing—right now—to increase referrals
  • What new resources can help make referral-generating easier



Elevating the Client Experience

A recent study found that the most successful and most innovative firms focus on the client experience when evaluating their technology decisions. This paper explores how technology is transforming the client experience and how firms are positioning themselves to capitalize on this trend.

How to Manage the Impending Wealth Transfer

This paper explores some critical strategies investment advisors can undertake now to increase the likelihood of retaining client assets, in preparation for what is expected to be the biggest generational wealth transfer in history.