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March 2022   


International Equity Case Study

An detailed overview of Transamerica International Equity.

High-Net-Worth Clients: Capturing Your Share

The high-net-worth (HNW) market is growing, which presents opportunity for you and your business, but only if you understand HNW investors’ expectations. Equip your business with the right resources, expertise, and technologies to meet their needs.

Surprise & Delight

One of the most effective ways to nurture client relationships and enhance customer loyalty is implementing a “Surprise & Delight” process. This is a way to show your clients that you’re thinking about them and that you care about what’s important to them.  Download this guide to quick, impactful communication that can help you retain clients and acquire new business.

Building Resilient Portfolios In An Inflationary Environment

As inflationary pressures persist, it’s more critical than ever to build resilient portfolios with the right mix of inflation-resilient fixed income and equity strategies. In this guide, we offer deep insights into how to optimize portfolio allocations to support individual investor goals, from income generation to volatility management, to long-term growth potential.

Who Helps The Retirement Planner Retire?

If you are an advisor contemplating retirement from helping others, and shifting the focus to helping yourself, let Ameriprise help you do it!  We can assist with the complexities of transitioning and monetizing your practice and settling into a comfortable retirement with the financial resources you deserve.

Future Proofing Wealth Management

Wealth managers need to think of new ways to futureproof their operating models and bring down cost to serve while delivering attractive customer experiences in the physical and digital worlds.


Social Impact and Opportunity Zone Investing with Ellavoz Impact Capital

Ellavoz Impact Capital is a New Jersey-based Opportunity Zone advisory firm working to bring not only financial success to investors but just as importantly, a positive social impact in underserved communities.

Unlike other Tax Qualified Opportunity Zones (TQOZ), Ellavoz focuses on both financial returns and important social impact when choosing QOZs to invest in. Ellavoz seeks out projects that are profitable and create sustainable community social value.

With the Ellavoz Shared Values Opportunity Fund, a TQOF formed in partnership with New Jersey Community Capital (NJCC), the state’s largest community development financial institution, Ellavoz is bringing the public and private sectors together for innovative social impact investing. The Fund’s purpose is to serve social impact-minded investors who will provide equity capital for workforce and affordable housing and economic development.  The strategic partnership between Ellavoz and NJCC allows them to provide investors with a deal flow for QOZ projects that meet rigid financial and social impact requirements as well as professional due diligence.