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May 2013  
How to Offer Life Settlements
to Your Clients

Interactive Guide for Financial Advisors,
Estate Planners
The LifeLine
The Lifeline Program continues to educate baby boomers, seniors, their families and Financial Advisors on life settlements as a financial option. In A 2012 study performed by ICR, uncovered that 79 percent of the baby boomers and seniors surveyed believe Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents are responsible for discussing life settlements with clients. Learn how life settlements work and why understanding the role they play in estate planning and retirement can increase assets under management for advisors and in turn, increase client retention. This interactive white paper, which includes a step-by-step description of the settlement process, promises to equip financial professionals with tools to successfully identify and introduce this alternative financial option to their eligible clients.

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May 2013  
How Do Elite Teams Generate
2X More AUM?
Is your team operating at elite level?  How do elite teams achieve their success and happiness? More importantly, what can you do to ensure your team will be in the 17 % of teams that can call themselves elite?

In this white paper, created jointly by Cetera Financial Group, Inc. and The Oechsli Institute, you’ll learn:
  • Practice management techniques that impact team productivity.
  • Affluent client acquisition strategies that deliver results.
  • Relationship management skills that increase affluent-client loyalty.

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May 2013  
May 2013  
Alternative Investments in The Mainstream:  What RIAs Need to Know and Why Entrust

Due to the grim state of retirement savings, investors are thinking outside the box.   The self-directed IRA continues to draw attention from those wanting to diversify and grow their retirement portfolios.  Are you ready to help these investors?

In this white paper you will learn about:

  • The increasing demand for true alternative investments
  • The answers to staying competitive in this market
  • Being proactive and prepared to work with IRA investors
  • Providing your existing clients with new services

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May 2013
A Cry for Help from Income Investors Global Income

Confronted with the stark realities of income investing now, affluent investors all over the world are rethinking their approach, notes Legg Mason's just-released Global Income Survey. Yet the Survey also found income investors hungry for more knowledge and ideas -- creating opportunities for savvy financial advisors.

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May 2013  
The ‘Golden Age’ of Dividends ClearBridge
The number and extent of dividend increases that have already occurred this year exceeded even our most optimistic views, reinforcing our long-held belief that owning quality companies with the ability to deliver rising dividends will continue to pay off.

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May 2013  
Equity Investment Themes for 2013
The U.S. Small Cap Growth team of our equity manager The Boston Company outlines seven distinct investment themes for 2013 and tells why they believe these concepts will influence the investing climate over the next several years.

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May 2013  
Ten Timely Reasons for
Active Equity Today

The decision to use active or passive management may be one of the most important decisions for your clients' personal portfolios in 2013. While there can be several long-term benefits to active investing, we believe a convergence of factors makes the current market and economic environment a particularly opportune time for active management. Learn ten reasons why now is a particularly important time to consider active management to help your clients meet their investment goals.

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May 2013  
Natixis Global Asset Management Investor Insights Natixis

How have five years of volatility shaped investor perceptions on investing, risk and alternative investments? Published by the Natixis Durable Construction Research Center, this paper offers insight into the attitudes of individuals, advisors and institutional investors worldwide and identifies key trends driving today’s investment markets.


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May 2013
Women Invest:
Strategies on Advising Couples
LPL Financial
Consumer research found that when it comes to seeking answers relating to financial planning and investing, couples turn to each other, more than anyone else, including another financial advisor, friends or colleagues. It simply does not make sense to focus only on building relationships with one partner. We’ll explore the opportunity for you to grow your business by reframing how you view, interact and approach investment decisions when working with couples and families. And share strategies for engaging with both partners in face-to-face meetings and ongoing communications.

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