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May 2021   


Liquidity: Historic Gains Lead to Marginal Drains

Matt Lloyd looks at the myriad of liquidity measures and what the draining from gains does to asset prices and fiscal and monetary responses.

Understanding Trust And Deepening Client Relationships

In order to engage in productive, meaningful legacy planning conversations, a financial professional must take on a more significant, immersed role. At Nationwide, we refer to this role as the “trusted partner” — ultimately a relationship that elicits the client's “deep goals” which reflect the values-based motivations that drive wealth accumulation and legacy planning decisions.

This paper will explore the nuanced “anatomy” of trust and its value to future client interactions to build a road map that financial professionals can use to effectively build and maintain client trust.

Societal Shifts in Investing and What it Means to Real Estate

Buchanan Street Partners’ Co-Founder and Chairman, Robert Brunswick offers commentary on current societal shifts affecting the investment community at large and what they mean to real estate.  Topics covered include capital flows, ESG and corporate social responsibility, demographic shifts and technology’s influence on the real estate space.


Selecting the Right Technology to Scale Your Firm Sustainably

As advisory firms scale, so does their complexity. Tech stacks that may have worked in the early stages of firm growth may not be able to support teams operating at scale. That's why now more than ever, it is important for firms to accurately define their needs and requirements when selecting new technology to support their goals and vision.

In this eBook, we’ll cover some of the complex technology demands to consider and the right approach to take to build a scalable tech stack and a solid technology foundation.