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November 2019    

Leveraging Technology to Secure Family Relationships

Advisors can miss a crucial piece of growing their business—building relationships with the next gen of investors.


The Value of Cash Flow Planning Across all Life Stages

Learn how your clients can better determine where their money went and where it will go to help fund their life goals with cash flow planning.


Is the Low Volatility Anomaly Universal?

Low volatility investing gained immense popularity in the last decade. A proliferation of passive investment vehicles based on this concept attracted more than $70 billion in assets globally as of the end of February 2019.

The low volatility phenomenon is not, however, a new concept; academics first wrote about it more than four decades ago. Low volatility strategies are familiar in the investment world; portfolio managers have sought volatility reduction, explicitly or otherwise, for as long as there have been portfolio managers.


Muni Bonds: making every basis point matter

Municipal bonds helped fund construction of some of our nation’s largest public works projects. Today, these investments can help you build a tax-efficient income portfolio. Strong flows and year-to-date performance in this sector, however, may have investors wondering if it’s too late to invest. This whitepaper discusses why municipal bonds are still an attractive investment for investors today, especially for those in high tax brackets and high tax states.


Muni 360: The comprehensive view of the municipal bond market.

In today’s rate environment, many investors are looking at municipal bonds as a way to balance concerns about risk with the need to generate income. In this comprehensive report, our award-winning fund managers, MacKay Municipal Managers™, provide an unrivaled perspective of the municipal bond market, including: their top 5 muni market insights for this year, monthly and quarterly updates, key market developments, regional views, and state-by-state stats.


Coach Through Biases — Yours and Your Clients’

Coach Through Biases — Yours and Your Clients.  So you think you know "goals-based?" You might be a little biased. A true goals-based wealth management approach can help you recognize biases — both yours and your clients’ — and drive client outcomes. Keep your focus on the end game. Download Coach Through Biases — Yours and Your Clients' to learn how to reframe your client experience through ongoing engagement and conversations about risk — the risk of not meeting goals that is.


Best Practices for Stopping Risk in Its Tracks

In times of rapid technological growth and expansion in communications tools, it pays to stay ahead of the latest developments. Utilizing cutting-edge communications tools will allow your organization to reach as broad an audience as possible, but you’ll also need to be prepared to deal with any potential risk a new tool might present.

As you’re preparing your strategies for tackling the newest compliance challenges, there are a few best practices you should keep in mind. Download Best Practices for Stopping Risk in Its Tracks to learn more!