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November 2020   


Help your clients add wisdom to their years with sound financial information.

Getting older presents challenges and opportunities. With Transamerica’s convenient guide — The Milestones of Retirement — you can help your clients make informed decisions every step of the way and maximize every opportunity. Transamerica is committed to helping clients make clear, rational financial decisions. The key is helping clients by teaching them to think and behave differently about investing.

How to Thrive Under Difficult Conditions and Uncertainty

Regardless of pandemics, elections, or natural disasters, advisory firms need to consistently deliver value to their clients even during difficult times. By making plans today and creating a proper strategy to navigate tough economic conditions, firms can continue to thrive in the face of any challenges that may come their way.

In this eBook, we’ll cover some tips to help firms build a foundation for success—even in the face of uncertainty.


In focus: U.S. inflationary forces

Recessions are rarely associated with inflation, but that’s the environment that we find ourselves in. Much of the disconnect can be traced back to the nature of the current recession, where demand recovered more quickly than supply as lockdown measures were lifted. Meanwhile, policy measures introduced to limit the economic damage impact of the pandemic has likely ushered in an era where fiscal policy will exert more influence over price levels than monetary policy. These developments suggest investors might need to think about inflation differently as existing frameworks may no longer be relevant—new lenses may be required.

The Truth About Cybersecurity

Regulators are handing out significant fines for advisors and firms who aren’t taking appropriate precautions to secure data. While most advisors take security threats seriously, many do not understand the complexity of the problem, or what resources are available to address it.  Topics covered:

  • The changing cybersecurity environment
  • What you should know about cybersecurity
  • What can you do to reduce the risk of cyberattacks
  • The evolution of cybersecurity

Bridging the Diversity Divide With a Plan

Improving investor outcomes by encouraging gender diversity in the investment management profession has been a key pillar for CFA Society Atlanta over the past several years.

Guide to Online Advertising

For financial professionals looking to reach new leads and grow their business, online advertising is among the best channels to achieve those goals.

In this ebook, FMG Suite presents a comprehensive step-by-step guide through paid advertising; from brainstorming, to setting up the ads, to evaluating the success and improving ads for the next round. This guide makes it easy for anyone to start promoting a financial services firm and increase its online presence.

Whether there's an interest in Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, or paid search, this ebook has financial advisors covered to start advertising with confidence.