FA Whitepapers


October 2017


The Case for International Dividend Quality


Dividend income is an important component of total portfolio return. But in the international sector, focusing exclusively on dividend yield could be dangerous.




Disclosure to Comprehension:
Mitigating Risk in a Fiduciary World


Learn how the Istonish Aprisi Assure compliance solution can help you obtain "evidence of comprehension" that builds trust with your clients, and reduces the risk of regulatory compliance investigations and litigation.




What Makes You Referable?
Learn about the key elements of referability -
and just how referable you are.

Common wisdom says that referrals are the most effective way to gain new clients. Yet, many advisors still struggle to attract enough referrals to hit their growth expectations. 
Download our latest toolkit which includes, The Elements of Advisor Referability, which highlights our exclusive research in conjunction with Stephen Wershing of The Client Driven Practice and Julie Littlechild of Absolute Engagement...







This white paper contains a proprietary research study conducted by Edward Jones about key strategies and best practices that have been most successful at building share of assets. It touches on subjects including risk assessment, asset analysis tools, and building your portfolio through personal referrals. In addition, the research uncovered specific language to assist Edward Jones Financial Advisors in the asset-gathering process.



Edward Jones

5 Tips from Top Advisors


What differentiates top performers and industry leaders within the planning and wealth advisory business? Leverage the five key approaches and attributes that Top Advisors utilize.




Inside the Mind of the Client.


Are investors rational or irrational? Dig into behavioral finance with this compilation of articles and discover how to help your clients make good investing decisions—and avoid the bad ones.