The yacht, which has 50 crew and two helipads, has been the focus of litigation for almost two years. It was impounded in Dubai and put into dry dock in an initial victory for Burford before Akhmedov persuaded the local courts to release the boat.

The British order was made after a judge said the billionaire must pay 41% of his assets to his wife in December 2016. The marriage ended two years earlier. Akhmedov refused to take part in the U.K. case and moved back to Russia.

“This judgment means their attempts to enforce this matrimonial and maintenance judgment in the UAE have now failed,” Carlo Fedrigoli, a lawyer for the tycoon, said in a statement.

It’s not the only legal fight stemming from the seizure of the yacht. The Russian also brought a $200 million claim for damages that named Burford as a defendant. The Dubai court of first instance dismissed the claim in January.

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