One of the best social media speakers out there is Gary Vaynerchuk (sometimes referred to as GaryVee), an entrepreneur and bestselling author, with nearly one million Twitter followers.  He can be a bit abrasive, but that is part of his charm. Although subdued this time around, Vaynerchuk still shared great advice at the annual Social Media Conference for Financial Services, held in Boston, Mass, organized by LIMRA and LOMA.

Here are 15 of GaryVee’s best words of wisdom.

1.“Every person in this room’s job is to be a story teller.”
Content is going to be how organizations are found and how they build relationships.  The key is to tell the right story while clients are making their decisions.

2. ‘This is the World Wide Web, we can get chicks on this thing.’
Although this was Vaynerchuk’s college friend’s quote when they first discovered the internet, it was the inspiration GaryVee need to figure out the potential of online marketing, which helped him eventually grow his family business from $3 million to $45 million.

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