Name: Glenn Elliott
Title: Chief executive officer
Company: Practifi
Web address:

Glenn Elliott is the CEO of Practifi, a client relationship management (CRM) platform for RIAs, family offices and broker-dealers. He has spent over 20 years creating customer applications for enterprises in the U.K., Australia and the U.S. and his fintech expertise helps power Practifi’s product roadmap and partner ecosystem.

What does your firm offer within the fintech sector?
Our clients are trusted to grow the prosperity of millions of customers around the world. Our job is to make that an easier, more connected and more delightful experience than ever before. We provide the platform, ecosystem, and support to ensure every financial advice firm fulfills their growth potential.

We like to say that we’re more than the average CRM; we’re a business management platform that helps users discover what growth means to them and work toward that goal. Ultimately, in a sea of disparate technologies, Practifi is a unifying force that’s disrupting the fintech space as we know it. With our solution, efficient operations and excellent customer experiences are a new reality.

What areas of fintech do you believe will grow the most in the next five years?
It’s pretty clear that the industry has been looking ahead to trends in AI, surfacing even richer analytics, finding ways to supercharge performance, and focusing more on role-based functionality. We take many trend cues from our clients; where they want to expand, integrate, and streamline. So, these are all areas where they’re either beginning to explore or have needs that would be well served by these types of fintech functionality.

What’s been Practifi’s biggest success to date?
Perhaps the freshest success in our firm is our Series B funding. I’m tremendously proud of how much we’ve accomplished in the U.S. since establishing our Chicago office in 2018, but this is only the beginning. Our continued partnership with prior investors, EVP, and our new partnership with Updata will help us drive even more growth. Our vision is to create the most efficient business management platform possible.