Second, I think that financial advisor adoption is always a concern for fintech companies. Fintech almost has to be so easy and user-friendly that for an advisor to continue doing work, the way they have in the past would almost be a strength. I'll give an example right here, a couple of companies that are out there are MoneyGuidePro. Which is a division of the Envestnet corporation and eMoney, of course, a division of the Fidelity organization, both have fantastic planning tools and for the advisors that have adopted they see the key benefit, but there are challenges in that many advisers who have adopted MoneyGuidePro over eMoney or some other type of Technology only utilize a scant amount of the capability of that Technology.

I think fintech companies that are meant to be tools utilized by an advisor in and solving for challenges issues of the end-user client. They do a great job of teaching advisors how the Technology works and in which buttons to push. I would encourage them to spend more time on the change management side and helping companies and individual advisors understand how to utilize technology within their business practice and not just how it works. I think there is an assumption that if you produce great Technology, there will be adoption by the masses and that, as Yogi. Berra always was to say, "just ain't so."

What has been the biggest success in your firm to date?
Our company began serving the trust and family office segment by providing education to those types of institutions back in 1961, and so for 45 of our 59 years, our work consisted exclusively of in-person education programs and facilitated the training. Over the past decade, we have significantly enhanced our digital distance learning capabilities, and today through the community Learning platform professionals across the can participate in synchronous or asynchronous learning experiences and be coached and evaluated by peers, by senior management of the go-to organizations or by a professional Cannon coaches. They can be coaching evaluated and intellectual information, but perhaps more importantly on their ability to synthesize that information and utilize that knowledge in very engaged client interactions with Cannon.

We believe that knowledge is power, but the ability to utilize that knowledge in conversing with clients in real-life conversation makes a tremendous difference. We have all encountered intellectually brilliant people that cannot hold a good social conversation with others. The ability of advisors to consistently uptear their knowledge and skillset is a key hallmark of the Cannon Financial Experience. Our success is measured based on an advisor's ability to enhance the end-user experience of their clients to ensure a better and safer financial future, and that is the best hallmark of success for our firm.

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