And at the global level, there is a great need for laboratory capacity, epidemiology, training and stronger international capacity.

On the public health level, the priority is to have a system that has the epidemiological capacity, laboratory workforce and emergency operation centers to be able to detect viruses and new pathogens. “We need to detect them and contain them early on,” she said.

Data modernization is also important, she said. What’s needed is an electronic case-reporting system across the nation, where data is flowing from hospitals and clinical systems to public health systems, she said. “We should use this opportunity to think about the data revolution that should take place for public health both in our nation and around the world,” she said.

There already have been positive developments in the battle against the epidemic, she said. Commercial labs are increasing testing capabilities and studies are coming out about COVID-19 treatments, she said.

“Everybody is scrambling," she said."It’s a worldwide race right now.”


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