The awards sit in the piano room of his home, along with the three Emmy Awards he received for his work as a producer on the television show Due Process, a long-running PBS weekly series on law and justice issues that he got involved with through his Broadway connections. His time with that show ran from 2011 through 2014, and similar to his work on Broadway, he provided budgeting and financial expertise to the production process. 

While these moonlighting gigs in the entertainment world are sexy, Mahoney says his main focus has always been on his wealth management practice. His office contains photos of him posing with actors and actresses from various productions, as well as official playbills of shows he has been involved with. He says these items generate conversation among clients, and provide bonding moments that lead to conversations about a favorite play or favorite actors or what shows the client has seen and liked. 

“I didn’t realize how special Broadway shows are to a lot of our clients or prospective clients,” he explains, adding that sometimes he’ll get free tickets and send clients to see shows and perhaps meet the cast, such as the time clients met James Earl Jones backstage when he was performing in The Best Man in 2012. 

“I think the best part of Broadway for my wife and I is that we meet a lot of cool people,” Mahoney says. “Over time, because they know what I do, I’ve gotten a number of clients from this—some of which are Broadway stars and producers. That wasn’t my intention; it just happens organically.”


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