Jim Komoszewski has been named president of AdvisorNet Financial, which is part of Cetera Advisor Networks, AdvisorNet announced Tuesday.

Dan May, the former president of AdvisorNet, will remain chairman of the board, CEO and Regional Director. In his new role, Komoszewski will be responsible for strategic growth and leadership for the firm and its nearly 300 advisors. He will report to May and serve on the AdvisorNet executive team.

The move comes at the same time that Cetera Financial Group announced it has added more than 1,000 registered representatives to its network so far this year and has reached $19.1 billion in newly recruited assets under administration. Cetera Financial Group is a network of independent retail firms.

AdvisorNet Financial is considered a region of Cetera Advisor Network and is headquartered in Minneapolis. AdvisorNet is one of the largest regions and OSJs within Cetera. They also operate an independent RIA and insurance agency. The firm has recruited more than 20 advisors in the last six months. It added two retail locations, doubled its total number of employees and has grown to manage more than $12 billion in total assets.

Komoszewski was appointed to continue the firm’s growth trajectory, AdvisorNet said. With more than 20 years in financial services, Komoszewski was formerly president and CEO at Investment Centers of America, where he enhanced practice management programs at that firm and National Planning Holdings.

Cetera also reported its substantial growth within its network. The growth is attributed in part to the network’s new branch office model of affiliation, which was announced with its acquisition of certain assets of Foresters Financial’s U.S. broker-dealer and advisory business. The new branch office model is branded as Cetera Investors.

The transaction represents the largest acquisition made by Cetera since 2014 and brought in more than 400 new advisors. Cetera leverages its infrastructure to help new advisors accelerate growth while allowing them to operate in their model of choice, such as a region, branch network, financial institution or as individual independent advisors.

Cetera President Adam Antoniades said, “We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all model of affiliation, and remain committed to supporting advisors through whichever means of affiliation they choose. It is our mission to provide advisors with the tools necessary to grow their business while allowing them to focus more of their time working with their clients.”