Write blogs. Like and share posts and add comments, he added. “Get a unified message to real people. Turn your independent platforms into a collective PR campaign that can counterbalance broker’s new messaging,” Slider said.

He also suggested that advisors comment on sponsored ads from BDs on Facebook. “Start conversations. It’s a powerful way to remind the public that not every advisor claiming to be a fiduciary is one.”

Marie Swift, president of the public relations firm Impact Communications, Inc., told advisors: “Be a fiduciary in a best interest world.”

“Reach out to local media. Blog yourself. Reach out on social media to help clients understand how you are compensated versus how brokers are paid,” Swift said.
The veteran PR maven advised RIAs to be authentic and a little flamboyant in their campaign and even went so far as to create a t-shirt that said: “RELAX I’M NOT A BROKER” she suggested advisors could wear as conversation starters.

Get fired up, you’re on a mission now,” Swift said.

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