RoboWholesaler Offers Online Access To Top 10 Fund Fact Sheets

The RoboWholesaler platform makes it easy for financial advisors to review fund performance rankings and receive up-to-date fund fact sheets for top-performing funds in just three clicks.

The brainchild of industry veteran Laurie Marchel, the site aggregates fund fact sheets and wholesaler information for the top 10 performing equity and fixed-income mutual funds in dozens of categories, ranked only by performance and updated in real time.
All featured funds are Class A, Class I or Class N fund shares, excluding sales charges and other fees and expenses. Funds are selected quarterly, based on performance.

TradeZero Launches Commission-Free Stock Trading Platforms

TradeZero, a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based online broker-dealer, has launched commission-free stock trading for retail traders and investors through a suite of advanced, user-friendly desktop, web-based and mobile platforms.

The ZeroPro platform is targeted to active traders. It features dynamic streaming quotes, hot keys, charting and Level 2 stock data, as well as customizable windows.

The ZeroWeb platform provides users with easy-to-use software and many of the same features as ZeroPro, in addition to a customizable layout and streaming news.

The ZeroFree platform offers free Level 1 streaming market data on the NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX. Level 2 data is available as an optional add-on.

The TradeZero mobile app, native iOS and Android applications allow users to transact on-the-go trades.

Market access for all platforms is available from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., with 24/7 customer support.

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