An Arizona investment group looking to grow the company to a billion in assets under management has joined Carson Partners, according to a company release.

Yuma Investment Group Wealth Management was founded by Tom Rush and established in 2001. The firm has surpassed $350 million in AUM and is currently onboarding two new advisors to continue to service current clients and prepare for future growth, the release said.

Rush, along with managing partners and wealth advisors George Davis and Adrian Elder, lead a team of five wealth advisors and 10 additional stakeholders in the operations department. The team works with a wide range of individuals, from executives to young professionals just starting out on their wealth-building path. Business owners, doctors, teachers and federal employees form a significant core of the client base, the release pointed out.

Rush said technology has been one of the firm’s top challenges and that’s where Carson will be beneficial. “In our conversations with Carson, their tech stack was the most attractive benefit. Delivering an integrated ‘single pane of glass’ experience will allow our clients to truly visualize their wealth and save our operations team a lot of time.”

Added Rush: “We currently devote a considerable amount of time and brainpower to working on Yuma's investment models in order to best meet our clients' goals. The move to Carson Partners will enable us to win back some of that time and take advantage of the broad range of expertise in Carson's Wealth Enhancement Group.”

As with other advisory firms in the Carson Partners network, Rush, Davis and Elder will maintain 100% ownership of Yuma Investment Group Wealth Management and remain the strategic decision-makers for all business decisions and operations at the firm, the release said.

Teri Shepherd, president of Carson Group, said Rush and the Yuma team are well poised for growth in the Southwest region because they've made a name for themselves as a top-tier firm in terms of smarts and service.

“The team at Carson looks forward to supporting them in their quest to become a billion-dollar firm that helps even more families define their financial goals and progress along the path toward true wealth," she said.