SEI Investments has introduced a new business model that it says will utilize a franchise structure and focus on the special needs of affluent clients.
   The SEI Wealth Network program will include expanded resources and expertise in areas touching upon branding and marketing, case management, operations and technology, and practice management, according to the company.
   "We've developed a solution that independent advisors can seamlessly implement to reach and serve the most desirable clients possible," says Carl Guarino, head of the SEI Advisor Network. "Although other companies may claim to provide this kind of solution, research has shown that the needs of wealthy clients are still largely unmet."
   The new business model, according to SEI, is based on an emerging new "wealth code" that is more focused on life goals and problem-solving rather than just asset growth.
   The company says it hopes to roll out 200 Wealth Network franchises over the next four to five years.