The IPO market may be getting a boost from a surprising sector this year-technology.
   Market watchers say there was a noticeable uptick in technology IPOs in 2006 and, with new technologies being introduced at a dizzying pace, that could foreshadow a stronger rebound in 2007.
   "Last year was the first year in which we saw a rebound in technology" since 2000, says Linda Killian, manager of Renaissance Capital's IPO Aftermarket Fund.
   A surge in technology IPOs would be a welcomed change among IPO investors, who are still staggering from the technology crash of 2000.
   That year represented the high-water mark of the technology-driven IPO craze, with 486 IPOs that raised about $97 billion. Since that time, the highest amount raised by IPOs in any single year has been $43 billion, which was achieved in 2004 and last year.
   There were 199 IPOs in 2007, up from 2005, when 194 IPOs raised a total of about $34 billion.
   The significant aspect of 2006 was the contribution of technology to the overall IPO market, Killian says.
   Before 2000, she notes, it was typical for technology issues to comprrise 25% to 40% of all IPOs. Since the crash, technology has made up less than 10% of the IPO market.
   That changed in 2006, she says, with technology stocks-much of it in the form of venture-backed technology IPOs-representing about 15% of the IPO market.
   That trend could continue in 2007, particularly with Microsoft expected to introduce its new Vista computer operating system.
   "We suspect a lot of activity in 2007 that hasn't shown itself yet in technology because of the introduction of Vista on a retail basis," Killian says. "It will be one of the sectors to lead the way this year."