A large percentage of advisors say their number one priority for 2008 is having more face-to-face communication with their clients, rather than relying on email and telephone conversations.

   According to responses of independent advisors in an SEI survey, 42% say increasing personal communication is their most important initiative for the new year, particularly in light of market volatility in 2007 and the decline in investor confidence that makes client communication more imperative.

   The survey showed that 40% of respondents feel their biggest regret last year was not having spent more time on direct communication with clients. About 10% of advisors are interested in exploring educational initiatives for clients, as well as hosting group seminars to leverage fact-to-face interaction while maximizing time.

   Of the 200 independent advisors who responded to SEI, 31% say they intend to add more wealth management services in the coming year to increase client satisfaction. And 52% of advisors expect their baby-boomer clients to be even more questioning of advice in the next year in the face of market volatility.

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