A survey of affluent Americans found that people who got that way through dint of effort are more likely to feel secure during economic downturns than those who inherited their wealth.

PNC Wealth Management's fourth annual Wealth and Values Survey shows 69% of Americans with at least $500,000 in investable assets earned their money through work, business ownership or investments versus 6% who got their money mainly through inheritance. The remaining 25% became wealthy through a combination of inheritance and earnings.

While 36% of earners are more likely to be concerned about a recession, they're more confident about their ability to weather through a downturn with 77% agreeing with the statement that have a lot of control over their financial future.

On the flip side, 27% of heirs were worried about a recession, while 67% expressed confidence about control of their finances in the future.

The earners also have a higher risk tolerance than heirs-39% of earners rated themselves as moderate to risky investors versus 21% of heirs.

Among other survey results, 76% of earners agree with the statement that "My financial success lets me feel less stress and worry" versus  50% of heirs. And 51% of earners agree with the statement that "As I have accumulated more money in my life I have become happier" vs. 33 percent of heirs.

And heirs are more than twice as likely to say "Having a lot of money brings about more problems than it solves"

(20% vs. 9% among earners).