2. Connecting to your client's emotions requires a confident approach throughout the life of the relationship.

3. Be sensitive to your client's pacing as you move along the emotional continuum. Do not "jog" if you client needs to "walk" first. The process of building a respectful relationship is accomplished one step at a time.

4. Listen empathetically with the intent to understand, not to respond. Maintain eye contact for maximum effectiveness. Speak from the heart. Consider the tone of your voice.

5. Control your own emotions; by doing so, you will stay focused, think clearly and maintain control of the client meeting.

It is important to remember that developing the "emotional connection" with your prospects and clients is one of the necessary ingredients to successfully delivering your value. Before each meeting, be sure to review these critical components: Identify the appropriate time to emotionally connect with a client by listening for clues; recognize that through conversation, using the three key skills of acknowledgement, clarification and confirmation allows you to make the connection; study the five beliefs and incorporate them into your process. By following these guidelines, you will earn the right to the value connection.

Next time, we will discuss how you can best dialogue with a prospective client using a "value mindset."

Leo Pusateri is president of Pusateri Consulting and Training LLC in Buffalo, N.Y., and is author of Mirror Mirror on the Wall Am I the Most Valued of Them All?

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