As You Sow, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable investing, has expanded its online investing tools to include screens for sustainable investing for mutual funds and ETFs, the organization announced today.

The Oakland, Calif., based organization has added search capability for social issues such as fossil fuels, deforestation and weapons to its Gender Equality Funds investing tools. The updated search tool will help advisors and investors find mutual funds and ETFs that match their values, with returns that beat the market, As You Sow said.

The report card allows advisors and investors to see if a 401(k) or personal portfolio is invested in companies with poor gender equality policies and involvement in fossil fuels, including coal-fired utilities, pipelines, and oil field services; companies contributing to the destruction of the Amazon and Indonesian rainforests by producing palm oil, beef, soy, timber, rubber or paper and pulp; and assault weapons, ammunition, cluster munitions, nuclear weapons and military grade weapons.

The free, online search tools offer advisors and investors insight into the environmental and social impact of portfolios, as well as financial returns, As You Sow said.

“Ninety-one million American workers with assets worth more than $8.4 trillion are invested in the current economic paradigm that is destroying our planet and civil society, yet very few even realize it,” said Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow. “If we want a safe, just, and sustainable future we need to shift our investments into companies that support our values.”