“We know some home office employees would like to work remotely, but our jobs here are to support our retail business, and we’re not prepared at this point to have corporate employees work from home,” the company told employees. “This decision may be unpopular with some, but we consider it a matter of equity and fairness.”

Leave Policy
The growing awareness of the gap between workers has prompted some corporate adjustments for employees who can only work at work.

Walmart Inc. announced a new emergency-leave policy for its hourly workers after a store employee tested positive for the coronavirus. The retailer will allow employees to stay home if they are unable to work or feel “uncomfortable” at work, according to a memo seen by Bloomberg. To be paid for the time, employees will still need to use regular paid time-off options, it said.

“What this is bringing to the fore is just how important these front-line service workers are to our service economy,” said Hatton, the University of Buffalo professor. “And in my ideal vision, businesses would come out of this, as well as the government, with a better sense of ‘Wait, we need to take care of these workers because our economy is only as robust as these workers are protected.’”

— With assistance by Gabrielle Coppola.

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.

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