Though he says that the firm has clients from all over the spectrum, “We do tend to have a lot of successful women, divorced women, etc., as clients,” he says and that reflects the strong female leadership at the firm, including Eusey’s. Ferrell’s team, which included five advisors, also brought a balance of men and women and a mix of ages.

The firms that Beacon Pointe targets to acquire have from $300 million to $800 million. “There’s a lot more competition at a billion and up,” Cooper says. “All the big, giant aggregators are after those firms. The sub-$1 billion market, those tend to be the firms that have gotten a big boost out of the bull market over the last 10 years but are kind of stuck in the middle. They’re the ones that have to make that decision about whether or not they are going to partner with somebody larger, like us, or they are going to try to make the investments themselves. And that can be tricky and sometimes dangerous. Because it’s expensive to invest in people and technology. If you’re wrong, it can [hurt] the outcome.”

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