In his outlook for 2020, Hintze writes that ESG will be a “big deal” because it will create “valuation dispersion.” CQS has “embedded ESG into our fundamentally-driven investment process, as well as managing ESG accredited mandates,” he wrote.
Billionaire Hohn Warns Firms To Step Up on Climate Change

Hintze started CQS in 1999, and it’s now one of the largest hedge fund firms in Europe. Hintze’s $3.1 billionmulti-strategy CQS Directional Opportunities Fund has gained about 11% this year through November, after losing 3.2% the prior year. It has returned more than 550% since its launch in August 2005, almost seven times the average hedge fund return.

Still, for clients who want to make sure their money goes toward efforts to create a more sustainable world, Hintze’s refusal to clarify whether he backs climate skeptics could become a matter of discussion, said Rob Bauer, a finance professor of responsible investing at Maastricht University in The Netherlands.

“ESG investors are likely to have reservations and need to have conversations with the fund,” Bauer said. “The founder is a key person setting the culture in the firm.”

This article was provided by Bloomberg News. 

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