Tiedemann Advisors, a large independent investment and wealth advisor for high-net-worth individuals, family trusts, foundations and endowments, has appointed Robert D. Hormats as managing director, the company announced yesterday.

Since 2014, Hormats has counseled Tiedemann Wealth Management and its Zurich-based partner, Tiedemann Constantia, as a part-time member of the board of directors’ investment advisory committee, a spokesperson said.

In his new full-time role as senior counselor with Tiedemann, Hormats will help the firm’s domestic and international clients navigate the evolving investment and geopolitical landscape across the globe, and also will support its corporate and business development strategy, Tiedemann said in a news release.

Hormats has more than 50 years of experience as an international policy and business leader, including 25 years with Goldman Sachs, where he became vice chairman and lead spokesman on the global economy. Most recently, he worked as vice chairman of Kissinger Associates, a New York City-based strategic international consulting firm.

Hormats has a B.A. degree in international economics from Tufts University and a Ph. D in international economics, foreign policy and international strategy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

“We’re looking forward to having Bob bring his extensive global network across finance, politics, and policy to the firm’s decision-making process, guiding clients to achieve maximum return and sustainability in a volatile global environment,” said Michael Tiedemann, CEO of Tiedemann Advisors, in a statement.

Founded in New York City in 1999, Tiedemann Advisors manages approximately $22 billion in assets under advisement worldwide, including $2.8 billion in impact investments.