BOSTON (March 27,2019) — BondLink, the sole provider of investor relations software solutions in the $4 trillion municipal bond market, today announced a new agreement that allows Fidelity Investments®’ millions of retail investors to access BondLink’s aggregation of issuer data on

"The municipal bond market is driven largely by retail investors," said Colin MacNaught, BondLink Co-Founder and CEO. "Yet the ability for individuals to efficiently research a governmental issuer is extremely challenging. We’re excited and proud to partner with Fidelity because it’s a leader in empowering retail investors through technology and research. Transparency is the key for issuers to unlock more demand from individual investors."

"Fidelity was one of the first firms to enable individuals to buy bonds online, and we offer a transparent experience including a fully disclosed, $1 a bond mark-up for secondary bond trades," said Richard Carter, vice president of Fixed Income Products & Services at Fidelity Investments. "A fundamental piece of the investment process is to research and assess information about the issuer. Giving our clients easy access to BondLink provides them detailed information and data as they determine their investments in municipal bonds."

Enhanced investor disclosure and access is supported by market regulators, as well as issuer and investor trade associations. Academic research also shows that better, more accessible disclosure can lead to lower costs for issuers1.