Crystal Capital Partners, a Miami-based alternative investments platform, announced 93% growth in new advisory relationships over the past 12 months, according to a news release.

Crystal’s growing community of advisors consists of more than 100 independent firms across the United States and Europe, who manage over $100 billion in client assets.

According to Crystal, the firm owes its growth in large part to the growing number of breakaway RIAs seeking independence over the past decade. With independence comes an equally pressing need for a turn-key institutional private equity and hedge fund solutions, which Crystal provides through its alternatives platform. 

Supported by a team of professionals with backgrounds in finance, technology, sales and marketing, the firm’s platform offers advisors access to 40 institutional private equity and hedge funds; qualitative and quantitative tools; intelligent portfolio optimization and rebalancing software; an electronic subscriptions process; consolidated reporting (statements, audits, K-1s); and private label client-facing deliverables, the company says.

The institutional PE and hedge fund firms available on Crystal’s platform collectively manage over $1 trillion in client assets under management. Managers invest in a wide spectrum of hedge fund strategies, private equity, venture capital, real estate, and private credit and lending, but do not compensate Crystal since fund selection is based on manager merit.

“With 25 years of alternative investment experience, it is our ongoing commitment to remove the complexities and barriers to entry associated with institutional alternative investments,” Steven Brod, CEO of Crystal, said in a news release. “Our expertise, technology and infrastructure can help our advisory network service their clients with an institutional approach.”

Founded in 1994, Crystal Capital Partners is a registered investment advisor (RIA).