Brewer Consulting Launches Marketing Accelerator Service

If you’re a financial advisor with a vision of how you would like to brand and market your practice, Patrick Brewer of Brewer Consulting in Austin, Texas, has just the product for you.

On October 1, Brewer launched his Model FA Accelerator to help advisors accomplish their marketing goals in considerably less time than it would normally require.

“At its core, Model FA Accelerator will be about selecting highly driven, smart advisors who are ready to put in the work, execute the plays and support each other … with highly effective practice management strategies [we provide],” Brewer said in an August 8, 2019, blog post.

Advisors who want an accelerated approach to marketing must first know what they want to achieve, he said.

“Our first step together will be to assess your most urgent pain point,” he wrote. “We will formulate a strategy, design a step-by-step plan, and set you on a course to execute [it].”

The program addresses six key areas of an advisory business: business strategy and mind-set; sales and marketing; client experience; technology, workflows and operations; human capital management; and advanced marketing strategy.

In a September 26 e-mail, Brewer told Financial Advisor that firms should begin to see results within two to three months. Each time one of the six key areas shows improvement, Brewer recommends that firms turn their attention to others for a comprehensive improvement.

Advisors can contact him for further information at [email protected] or by booking a call on

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