Westphal: With so many services and new technology available for advisors, my best advice is keep it simple. I’ve seen so many advisors over the years that invest in the newest tech with best intentions to help their practice only to result in an accumulation of systems that don’t talk to each other and are never adopted. Think about what you are trying to accomplish, and find tools that simplify that process, whether it’s note taking, contact management, or risk assessment. The most efficient offices utilize technology that simplifies processes and integrates those technologies, freeing up more time to focus on client relationships while streamlining communication within the office.

Another recommendation would be to follow online, industry leaders who are dedicated to researching and then communicating to advisors the best technology solutions. Michael Kitces, Joel Bruckenstein, Bob Veres, are just a few financial services leaders who I have relied on over the years because they report not only the latest financial technology trends, but they all have a finger on the pulse of advisors, understanding what is actually working in the industry. Twitter and LinkedIn are great resources to follow these types of individuals to help reduce the noise created from all the technology news, and focus on solutions that truly add value.

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