Kristin Hull hopes “Nia Impact Capital will set an industry standard for others to emphasize gender equality on the same scale.”

How Nia Makes Portfolio Decisions: Connecting The Dots

“We don’t start with leadership, we start with a company’s product and services and we make sure they work for people and for the planet and that the revenue is moving toward the next solution for the sustainable economy,” said Hull. When it comes to corporate leadership she looks for expertise as well as diversity. In Hull’s experience diverse teams, including generational diversity, make better decisions overall. 

According to a 2018 McKinsey report, gender diversity is correlated with both profitability and value creation, and the data revealed a positive correlation between gender diversity on executive teams and financial performance.

Positive performance in impact investing still receives its fair share of criticism and the Nia team is working to eliminate pre-conceived negative notions. They connect all the dots in sustainability, so investors and advisors can envision the big picture outcomes when structuring their portfolios.

“Whether it’s incorporating ESG data or practicing SRI, it’s time for the industry to raise its consciousness and dig deep to see how companies are treating their employees, using their resources and working with their partners. “The time to connect the dots is now,” commented Hull.

Hull’s views promote sustainability at every stage of the investment process, so that “giving back” is a constant. Like many women leaders in sustainable finance, she is actively integrating her outlook into her investment decisions.

Women investors cannot shift intergenerational mindsets alone, however. Young investors, and members of the financial community hailing from all genders, will be required to promote inclusion, diversity and sustainable business practices.

“I think women and millennials will lead major change and will lead conversations that start with asking: how much income and revenue is enough?” ventured Hull. “I think younger generations are looking for a new efficiency where it is possible to earn investment income by investing in things that are value aligned as well.”

Paul Ellis founded Paul Ellis Consulting to work with financial advisors who want to integrate sustainable and impact investment strategies for their clients. Kristina Markos, M.L.S., is a senior communications professional specializing in finance and sustainable themes. She also teaches graduate and undergraduate communication courses at Lasell College.

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