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  • Cyber Security for Your Advisory Firm

    A graphic depicting cybersecurity

    According to the most recent “Allianz Risk Barometer,” Cybersecurity ranks as the number-one issue businesses are facing on a global scale. Cyber hackers often target small businesses because they are most prone to their encroachments.

    Worse, hackers who target small financial firms can gain access to swathes of sensitive personal information on clients. That can add up to a multi-dimensional nightmare, hurting a firm’s reputation, triggering lawsuits, and inviting and the zealous scrutiny of regulators. Yet firms may have no idea they’ve been hacked by criminals who are content to lie low for extended periods, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

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    Among the top cyber threats to financial-advice firms are:

    • Malware (software designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system).

    • Web-based attacks (software written to probe a computer and automatically exploit security vulnerabilities).

    • Injection attacks (malicious code injected into a vulnerable server) .

    • Phishing emails and counterfeit websites (sent to trick recipients into sharing passwords and other valuable information).