This is a resource page for business owners looking for clarification about the new SBA lending solutions, as well as those who seek relevant news and information surrounding the Novel COVID-19 Crisis.


  • Most Recent COVID-19 News CDC, WHO

  • An Overview of SBA Programs to Address the Covid-19 Crisis

With the coronavirus pandemic slowing economic activity, small businesses — including those owned by wealth managers, financial planners, and some of their clients — are hungry for cash infusions to get through the next few months.

  • CARES Act: Understanding its Business Impact: Watch Now

To better understand what the CARES Act means for your business and employees, our partner Oasis Outsourcing (a Paychex Company) assembled a panel of compliance experts that will explain the details of the CARES Act, discuss its implications for businesses, and address some of the most common questions Oasis is hearing from business leaders about this new legislation.

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