The RIA Digital Assets Council (RIADAC), founded by prominent financial advisor Ric Edelman to connect the advisory and crypto communities, announced today that it has acquired JV Events Group, which owned the Digital Asset Strategy Summit.

Don Friedman, founder of the Digital Asset Strategy Summit has joined RIADAC as president, according to a news release from the company. It also noted the company has launched its new website and that its first major virtual conference, RIADAC VISION, is scheduled for March 4, 2021.

RIADAC bills itself as the “go-to” source for financial advisors who want to learn about blockchain and digital assets such as bitcoin. The company produces live and online events, as well as content for RIAs.

Friedman, who has produced conferences for nearly 20 years, formed JV Events Group in May 2014. Prior to that, he co-founded Inside ETFs, the world's largest ETF conference. He said he is excited to be working alongside Ric Edelman, who created the RIADAC last year to advance RIA awareness, knowledge and understanding of blockchain and digital assets.

“Blockchain and digital assets are fast becoming mainstream, offering tremendous investment opportunities, and that has created a vital need for financial advisors to learn about these asset classes so they can serve their clients’ best interests,” Friedman said in a statement.

He cited a RIADAC survey of financial advisors that found that 80% of advisors are getting questions from clients about bitcoin and other digital assets, but 92% say they don't know how to explain digital assets to their clients. “Clearly, there is a huge knowledge gap in the advisory community,” Friedman said.

Edelman, founder of Edelman Financial Engines, one of the nation’s largest independent financial planning and investment advisory firms, noted that RIAs manage $2 trillion in discretionary assets for millions of American investors. “It’s crucial that they learn about blockchain and digital assets so they can incorporate these new asset classes into client portfolios," he said.

Advisors can also attain the company’s Certification in Blockchain and Digital Assets to demonstrate their knowledge and set themselves apart from others, Friedman said.