The mere thought of retirement for many pre-retirees can be overwhelming, if not frightening. Entering retirement comes with a lot of complex and unique risks that individuals need to consider. And with these risks often come misconceptions about planning, preparation and timing.

In it’s fourth edition of the Retirement Income Reference Book, LIMRA Secure Retirement has highlighted some of the myths about retirement.

Advisors can dispel these myths and better prepare their clients for when that time comes, according to LIMRA.

The following, according to LIMRA, are the most common myths advisors may have to contend with:

Myth 1: I’ll die before I am 90.

According to LIMRA, 25 percent of 65-year-old men with average health will live to age 93, and a quarter of women in that category will live to 96. The report noted that underestimating longevity risk could pose a significant threat to retirees who use systematic withdrawals, as there is a possibility of running out of money in retirement.