The tax break is particularly important to moderate Democrats, who represent suburbs outside of Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Representatives Lauren Underwood of Illinois and Mike Sherrill of New Jersey are among the Democratic freshman who ousted Republican incumbents in the 2018 mid-terms, partially because voters were angry to see their SALT tax break limited.

House passage would likely be the last stop for the legislation, which leaders in the Republican-controlled Senate have said they won’t consider.

That’s a familiar theme in the SALT saga. State legislatures have tried passing laws allowing residents to bypass the $10,000 limit, only to be blocked by the Treasury Department. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland sued the Trump administration over the cap, but a judge tossed out the case. The decision is being appealed.

Even lawmakers who want to see the cap raised are pessimistic that the efforts are worth it.

“I don’t see any movement before the end of the year,” said Representative Peter King, a New York Republican who supports raising the cap. “I can’t see Senate Republicans accepting that.“

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.

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