The hopes of retirees and the experience of those who have retired differ significantly.

While 30 percent of affluent near-retirees plan to work part time when they leave their full-time jobs, just 3 percent of the retired said they have done that, according to a new survey by mutual fund manager Capital Group’s American Funds.

And though 17 percent of near-retirees said they plan to start a new career or a business when they call it a day at their present employers, less than 6 percent of retirees have done either, the survey says.

Affluent investors over 50, whether they are retired or not, are shying away in droves from hot stocks and hot exchange-traded funds, the survey found. Only 4 percent of those with at least $100,000 in investable assets told researchers for American Funds that putting their money into these investment vehicles made them feel smarter with what they do with their savings.

In another indication retirees and near-retirees are trying to ignore the markets when they go up and down like a pogo stick, 69 percent said they don’t change their investments in times of rapid value fluctuations.

The results were based on a poll of about 1,000 Americans with at least $100,000 in investable assets from October 19 to 22.