We have the information—what we need is your help guiding us through it. We need you to help us understand that advisors aren’t just for the wealthy. We need you to understand our financial realities and play to our strengths: our familiarity with technology and the ease with which we can research our options.

As I entered financial services, I asked myself how I could address these needs. I realized I need to show millennial clients my integrity and deep understanding of personal finance. I took it upon myself to become a CFP professional. This past July, I passed the test and earned my certification. At 23, I’m among the youngest to have achieved it. It took long hours and grueling study, but I knew I needed to stand out if I wanted to position myself to be an advisor for millennials. With the certification, I’m armed with the confidence and knowledge to work with investors of any generation.

As a millennial, I know what we need and deserve. I know that we require instant access to our portfolios, a human touch in our advisors’ practice, and faith that those advisors will act in our best interests. It’s time for the rest of my industry to catch up. We are the inheritors of our parents’ legacies, and it’s on you to meet us where we are and show us your value.           

David Storch, CFP, is an investment associate at Rose Capital Advisors. You can follow him on Linkedin.

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