eMoney Improves Client Portal
Technology solutions provider eMoney Advisor announced enhancements to its eMoney Client Portal to improve interactions between advisors and their clients. First, its Decision Center will evolve into a planning hub advisors can use to access multiple tools and reports in one place, thus saving them time.

The firm also enhanced the Progress Report in the Decision Center so advisors can easily demonstrate their effectiveness. It will show the decisions and progress of a portfolio over time and demonstrate the impact of those actions and the role the advisor played in making those decisions.

In addition, eMoney unveiled a feature that produces specified recommendations about a client by analyzing the available information on them. Advisors can click on each recommendation and with one click decide to include it in the plan.

Finally, the firm improved the My Advisor section of the portal so advisors can highlight their brand and materials.

ARQA AI Platform Uses Artificial Intelligence To Collect Client Data
ARQA, an artificial intelligence platform designed to collect portfolio information for wealthy clients, has launched its ARQA AI Platform, which includes two AI software solutions, ARQA AI Chat and KorScript.

AI Chat allows users to glean data from multiple wealth management platforms by asking the artificial intelligence questions. “The current technology stack for many wealth management firms are comprised of more than one platform; therefore, financial professionals know the data they want but can’t as easily access it,” said Haik Sahakyan, co-founder and CEO of ARQA, in a statement.

KorScript allows users to take information such as financial data from statements.

“Gone are the days of back-office teams spending countless hours on data entry,” said Pete DiLorenzo, co-founder of ARQA, in a press release. “With KorScript, our customers now have the power to transform their data in real time without sacrificing their most expensive resource—human capital.”

For additional information, visit arqa.ai.

Apex Advisor Solutions Unveils Apex Astra
Apex Advisor Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apex Fintech Solutions, unveiled a new user interface, Apex Astra, at this year’s T3 Technology Conference in January. The interface is designed to make it easier for advisors to open accounts and retrieve data. Apex’s APIs allow it to work with platforms by Orion and AdvisorArch, and Apex Astra can use its integrations for rebalancing with fractional trading, to bring clients on board digitally with automated account opening and for artificial intelligence applications.

Advisors can filter data with the Apex Astra dashboard, as well as create reports and build holistic views of client accounts. “For [required minimum distributions] and other withdrawals, Apex Astra will enable users to auto-calculate tax withholdings by state and free up funds and initiate trading with a tap, all on the same screen,” the company said.

Myriad Advisor Solutions Unveils Cybersecurity, Succession Tools
Myriad Advisor Solutions, a business advisory firm, has released a cybersecurity solution called MASDefense, an endpoint detection and response technology, computer forensics and pen-testing service. According to Myriad, the solution offers “advanced threat detection” to “harness cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning for the swift neutralization of sophisticated cyber threats.” The solution offers a firm real-time monitoring and alerts in case of security breaches. The service also “includes robust computer forensics capabilities, empowering each organization to investigate and analyze cyber incidents thoroughly. Clients can retrieve digital evidence, understand the scope of an attack, and enhance their incident response with forensic insights.”

Myriad says the solution can be customized for a firm’s security policies and says the interface is user friendly. The firm’s pen test evaluates an advisory firm’s vulnerabilities to cyberattack in order to strengthen defenses.

Myriad has also announced another initiative: its Myriad Ascend Plan, a platform for helping advisors with their business succession plans. The firm says it takes a comprehensive approach to exit planning, including a component that puts advisors in touch with specialists to talk valuation and a financial optimization component that allows the advisor to think of things like the tax ramifications of a sale.

ProShares Rounds Out Crypto ETF Lineup
Bethesda, Md.-based ProShares introduced its sixth cryptocurrency-linked ETF to fill out its suite of similarly styled products.

The ProShares Short Ether Strategy ETF (SETH) is the first-ever short Ethereum-linked ETF. It provides investors with the chance to profit from the declines in the price of ether and will deliver the inverse of the daily performance of the S&P CME Ether Futures Index.

The fund joins the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO), the ProShares Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITI), the ProShares Ether Strategy ETF (EETH), the ProShares Bitcoin & Ether Equal Weight Strategy ETF (BETE), and the ProShares Bitcoin & Ether Market Cap Weight Strategy ETF (BETH).

The new ETF has a 95-basis-point management fee.