“Mexico is now the primary supplier of goods to the US after passing China, which is a unique opportunity in the country for new investors to come in and play in this market,” Garcia said.

Some of White Bridge’s early deals have included Mexican families investing in industrial warehouses in Dallas and a Central American family putting $70 million into multifamily developments in Texas and Florida, they said.

While office space is still attractive in South Florida, they’re advising clients against deals in markets like San Francisco, Chicago and New York where vacancies remain high. Industrial real estate will “continue to explode,” they said, and White Bridge recently added a senior development partner in Dallas to help work on those types of deals in Texas.

The current environment of high interest rates is also creating an opportunity for family offices to step in while institutional investors are focused on refinancing and dealing with existing investments, Campbell said.

“The macro things that are happening right now in the US are very unique for a first-time investor to come in,” he said. “It’s very good timing for these big family offices that want to deploy big checks into the country to enter without having as much competition.”

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.

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